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Thursday, March 5, 2015

HKC Latest News!

So a lot has been happening with our Healthy Kids Club these past few weeks.

In case you didn't hear, our JustRun program registered 136 runners (82 students) for the April 25th 3K Fun Run!.  If you are interested in running, you still have time.  We hope to see lots of Lincoln Leopards there!

As many of you know, we held a tremendously successful garden work day with over 40 Lincoln parent volunteers and we had lots of support from the Junior League of Monterey County.  Here's an overview of the things we accomplished:

1)  Wrapped the majority of the raised beds with lattice, thanks to Chad Ritchey for his design idea and for his skilled labor.  This would not have been possible without his tremendous hard work.

2) Students painted lots of rocks, which you can see throughout the garden.  Thanks to Jodi Delgado for organizing all the supplies, parent volunteers and kiddos to make this happen.  Tracy Russell was also a BIG help with all the kids artwork.  THANK YOU TO BOTH JODI & TRACY (and all the parents that chipped in)!!!

3) Garden toad stools -  have you seen the adorable, painted ceramic mushrooms around the garden?  The idea came from Jodi Delgado and she lead the project from start to finish - HUGE THANK YOU to Jodi!

4) We weeded throughout the garden.  Lots of volunteers helped, even the kiddos.  It looks so much better. 

5) Under the direction of Dr. Eric Brennan, volunteers built several more drip irrigation systems.  We owe a special thanks to Maestra Eva Rios for connecting us with Sherman Williams; they donated all the 5 gallon buckets for our drip systems.   Special thanks to Carrie Tenney for her patience and tenacity in putting together all the tiny little pieces!

6) Kinder teacher, Kelli Hemenway, created beautiful suncatchers that you can see throughout the garden!  She is truly a creative force and we sincerely appreciate her contributions to the school garden!
7) We also hauled several yards of mulch and gravel from the playground to the garden (lots of work).  Many thanks to everyone who chipped in!  The gravel was donated by McShane's Nursery - Steve McShane has been very supportive and generous of our garden.  THANK YOU STEVE!

Mark your calendars for the 2nd garden workday- April 18th!  We hope to see you all there!

In addition, we are planning our 2nd annual Wear Green - Eat Green event on Tuesday, March 17th.  Teachers will have the opportunity to bring their students into the garden, harvest kale and prep a salad with the help of HKC parent volunteers.  Don't forget to WEAR GREEN!


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