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Monday, November 16, 2015

Salsa en Setiembre-Salsa Day 2015

The 2015 Salsa Day was a HUGE success.  Over 750 students at our school participated in the first ever Salsa event.  Lincoln students were truly engaged and excited about the garden, growing food, learning about the scientific process, composting, and tasting (many for the first time in their lives) the fruits of their collective labor.  We have no doubt that our efforts are making a positive impact on the students. 

Lincoln parents, JD and Ginger Aguilar deserve an extra special thank you.  They roasted all the veggies in their wood fire oven, boiled the tomatillos, and did lots of hours of prep work gearing up for the event.  An extra special thank you goes to the volunteers that worked ALL DAY (8:15-2:45pm)-Jodi Delgado, Kelly Dzubay, Hildur Simonardottir, Mary West, Estela Gutierrez, and Ginger Aguilar!  And most importantly, Dr. Eric Brennan deserves a GIGANTIC thank you for his leadership and guidance overseeing our beautiful garden/living science lab.  Our school is truly fortunate to have so many talented and caring parents.

The Salsa event received nothing less than rave reviews from teachers, students and other parents.  Thank you all for the taking the time out of your busy lives to make a difference at our school.  We hope to continue events like these in the future!

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